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Recently this summer, we went for the first time to “Greentopia” at the HighFalls area of Rochester right down on the Genesee River.  Its a festival of sustainable resources and many energy and recyclining companies have booths there along with some crafts and lots of food. The area is very beautiful as it is in the old High Falls refurbished district that used to house many mills that ran on water power from the Genesee River.  Some buildings have been repurposed but the net effect is it is a beautiful usable area by the public with parks and eateries. Even the old Railway bridge was left intact and is now a nice people walkway that goes across the huge gorge cut by the river.

This is a tall smokestack/ tower still being worked on in the area.

Click images to see a larger version:IMG_9816_HighFallsTowerCloseMIMG_9816_HighFallsTowerFarM