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I had walked down to the other end of Brockport away from the downtown area near another bridge and watched the sunset.  Here it is just going down below the horizon.  After it was almost totally dark, I heard a rustling near me to my right by the little rock on the shore and there was a MINK just waking up for a night of hunting.  I had been there so long and so still, he never saw me and walked towards me to my foot.  When I moved it so he would not walk up my leg, it startled the poor thing and he lept off the rock into the water.  He comically swam back to shore and shook off and stared at me trying to figure out what I was.  It was too dark to take a photo with no flash.  My phone camera captured a few blurry shots of him.  I have gone back several times to look for him but there is no sign of him so far.  Maybe this Winter where there is snow down, I can look for paw prints in the snow.

Click image for a larger view:

ISO 100, F/9, 1/80 sec, 24 mm Lens

ISO 100, F/9, 1/80 sec, 24 mm Lens