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Have you ever driven along and seen beautiful looking condos on a beach or intercoastal and wondered what they looked like inside?  How does the upper crust live?  I saw this place had an open house so I went right on in, camera and all.  It was four stories tall with an external stair and the first floor was a massive garage on stilts.  Four floors and they expect you to walk up??  Not at all…. they have a separate, private elevator for each condo unit. 
    The ceilings were 10 feet high with crown moldings and all kitchen and bath surfaces were stone of some kind.  The lighting was modern and bright.  The salesperson said each unit was only $690,000-890,000 and some had “glimpses” of the intercoastal or sea if you got up on tippy toes and in just the right position.  They did have one they were building right on the intercoastal directly at a steep premium.  No, we didn’t buy one, but it was fun to look.