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Here we are walking downtown Brockport and the sun is finally coming up on the Erie Canal.  We stopped at the Main Street Liftbridge and turn to face downtown.  It is cold outside just above freezing and expect no one at all to be downtown with no cars anywhere to be seen.  But here it is the opposite with the streets lined with cars and people milling about everywhere.  They are all headed out to the “Turkey Run” on Thanksgiving morning.  I wanted to get some nice shots of downtown Brockport with no cars in the early morning, but this is what we have in reality. LOL   I darted out into the street and set up to take a few photographs down the middle of the street while dodging cars coming up over the bridge.

Click image for a larger view:

ISO 400, F/6.7, 1/90 sec exposure, 17 mm Lens

ISO 400, F/6.7, 1/90 sec exposure, 17 mm Lens