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One of the most famous and iconic images Norman Rockwell painted was of the “Gossips” and the original is here at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  At first he commissioned professional photographers to take images of people (mostly local) and Rockwell acted as a film director in relation to his actor/models.  The gossips started out as two people then ten and grew to the eventual 15 people pictured below.  He spent 13 years making the images and finally in March 6th, 1948 the oil painting was completed and it appeared in the Saturday Evening Post.  Many questioned if the people in the final image were real, but these doubts were dispelled when Rockwell produced the photos below:


Norman Rockwell’s wife is in the third row down, second and third from the left.  Rockwell himself appears in the bottom right in two images.

He next did a charcoal sketch which appears below:

Charcoal version of the Gossips

Charcoal version of the Gossips

Finally the full Oil Painting is below:

Final Oil Painting version of the "Gossips"

Final Oil Painting version of the “Gossips”