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When leaving the Gatehouse on the road to Great Camp Santanoni in Newcomb, NY in the Adirondacks we were on the horse drawn wagon and passed this two story building.  I like architecture and this rustic Adirondack house had a stone foundation and shingles on the outside as siding.  Even the roof had cedar shingles with lead flashing. There was a stone chimney and a “yankee” gutter over the one door where there once used to be a porch.  Note the gable ends have carved timber embellishments.

This is one of the old houses that were present on the preserve when Mr Robert Pruyn bought the property.  It was built about 1875 and was called “The Guide’s House” and later “The West House” after the West family that occupied it.  Many people that rode across the Adirondacks on rickety roads in the late 1800’s to get to Santanoni must have arrived here at the splendid Gatehouse with this farmhouse behind it and thought they were finally at the Great Camp.  It had water behind and a boathouse and Lake Harris.  But this was just a glimmer of what was yet to come and they were far away from the camp yet.  (reference: Santanoni, an Adirondack Architectural Heritage Book by Robert Engel, Howard Kirschenbaum and Paul Malo.)

F/11, ISO 800, 1/350 sec, 58 mm Lens

F/11, ISO 800, 1/350 sec, 58 mm Lens