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In Sarasota, Florida at the Ringling Brothers Circus Museum, they have extensive landscaped grounds.  They have dozens of amazing Banyan trees with massive trunks and air roots shooting down and attaching to the ground all over.  With time these roots sink in and grow into a new trunk and wrap around anything that is close.

John and Mable Ringling who originally built and owned the mansion Cà d’Zan. They made trips to Italy and all over and collected artwork from all over the world to bring back to the Venetian style mansion they had made in Sarasota. They even brought back two container shiploads of Spanish barrel tiles from Barcelona.  There were many small limestone and marble statues brought back especially of children and cherubs.  These were used to line the long curving road to the mansion after you entered the guesthouse.  At one section of the roadway, the Banyan trees went a little crazy growing and encroached on the road and the statues and finally grew around one cherub.  The roots and trunks came down and surrounded the poor statue and wrap it with parts that appear the exact shade and texture of the statue in a chameleon like way.

People standing right next to it never see it and I have stood next to it and no one looks or sees it is camouflaged so well. Yet it is only 2 feet off the road where hundreds of people pass it every day.  I try to point it out to people as there is no sign and they are always amazed.  It is a little spooky, but very unique.

ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/40 sec, 45 mm Lens