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ISO 400, F/11, 1/750 sec, 105 mm Lens

When you are at Ca’ d’zan Mansion at the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota Florida you can see all the detail of the Venetian Gothic style palace on Sarasota Bay.  It was extremely dilapidated in the 90’s before it was restored by the State of Florida and you can see why it deserved saving.  Many areas show how things lasted even against the salt air environment of the site by using Terra Cotta.  Much of the Terra Cotta was hand painted and glazed in amazing colors and that made in impermeable to water and the weather.  The detail is astounding when you zoom in on the ornate parts and you have to use a longer lens or binoculars to see the above.

ISO 400, F/13, 1/750 sec, 70 mm Lens

This view above shows the marble stairs and zig-zag flooring of the deck. You can also see the very ornate glazed terra cotta.  Even the stair posts are spiraled and ornate.