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So we are continuing our tour of the outside of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built Darwin Martin house in downtown Buffalo, N.Y.. Here you can easily see the large Horizontal nature of this design. The original house in 1903-1905 was supposed to cost $175,000 but came in at closer to $300,000 on completion. The seven building complex had 29,000 square feet with a very expensive component being the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Artglass Windows.  These were about 400 of these and many individual windows are worth more than a modern entire house today with a lot being in Modern Art museums all over.  Each window had 750 individual pieces of hand cut glass.

Here you can see the wide horizontal elements with long cantilevered eves overhanging with their large copper gutters. The low walls interconnected the various buildings and courtyards and the narrow horizontal ribbed yellow roman brick further emphasized the horizontal forms.  You can see the massive heavy and wide chimneys and rows of windows letting in natural light.  All this was foreign in 1905 to architecture. The weight of the house was carried by large steel and concrete columns on each corner so that the walls were not load bearing or structural.  This allowed freedom of design to place in wide doorways and lots of windows.

The complex of buildings can be seen in this model from a broader view. This would be a perfect place to take a quadcopter drone photo if I had one.

Besides the main Martin House (1), there was the Gardener’s House, Conservatory (3), Carriage House (5), Pergola (2) and Barton House (4).

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