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As you walk up to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Greycliff Estate, you circle around the driveway and get large views of Lake Erie and then enter the relatively low overhanging entrance.  The driveway goes right under a roofline and to the right there is an opening in the stones giving you views of the pond in front of the house.  Water runs directly under this and over a small waterfall into the pond and predates what Wright will do at Fallingwater in Pennsylvania seven years later.

F/9, ISO 100, 1/250 sec, 24 mm Lens

The octagonal shape of the stone seat here is repeated much larger in the back yard overlooking Lake Erie.

The stones for the entire house are all from local sources on the beach and cliff side.  They are very hard stone with inclusions of fossils and iron that rusts and causes natural red streaks down the sides.

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