I use a Canon EOS 40D for basic photos as it allows me to use AEB (auto exposure bracketing), selftiming, low ISO and great lenses. I use a Manfrotto Pro Graphic Fiber Tripod because it’s so strong and light. Also when carrying it in frigid Winter weather up here in New York, it does not freeze your fingers off.  I use a Manfrotto Stainless steel and Magnesium Ball Head that is pleanty strong to hold even a long lens. For lenses:

70-200 mm L  IS Canon lens for telephoto

17-40 mm L  Canon lens for super wide-angle landscapes

10-22 mm Canon lens for super very wide-angle landscapes

24 mm L TS (Tilt Shift) Canon lens for perspective correction in architectural views

100mm Canon Macro for close shots

12.5 and 25 mm Extension Tubes for super close Macro shots

Canon Remote: TC-80N3 (wired)


Photomatix Pro 4.1.1  best of the best of the 6 HDR programs I have tried for website with trial versions and tutorials

Adobe Lightroom 3.5 to import and transfer and view files

Topaz Adjust plugin for fun and processing photos Link: Topaz Labs

Photoshop CS* for layering and processing

Corel PhotoPaint for layering and processing

Corel Painter *

Canon Digital Photo Professional

NIK, Silver Efex Pro

See for the very best in HDR photography with free tutorials and reviews of lots of software.  Trey Ratcliff’s site is the No 1 travel photography blog site in the world.


2 thoughts on “Equipment”

  1. So glad you’ve gone Canon, JB! Don’t forget to post your upgrades to equipment. 😉


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