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  1. Jen Buttery said:

    Awesome photos! Thanks for keeping us in the Brockport loop and reminding us how lovely a small town it is 🙂


  2. Beautiful composition and photos…


  3. Wonderful photos. I’m working with Paul Smith’s College and would love to obtain rights of usage for some of your shots. -Sean Magee


    • No problem. I will be up at Paul Smiths at the WCHA meeting mid July if you wish to meet or you can send me a contact address or # to call you. I am about to upload another 24-30 Paul Smith photos soon.


  4. I have never seen such a breathtakingly beautiful collection of HDR pictures – They also allow us to see your amazing part of the world – thank you




  5. Richard Baran said:

    Great Photos,Was wondering if I can use a few of your photographs as reference for creating paintings.


    • You have my permission on any of my original photographs as they are Creative Commons. But the historical black and whites are not mine, just archive shots from museums.


      • Can I use one of your shots to print in a brochure? One of Pinellas County (Fl) depts -the nighttime courthouse you shot is beautiful and goes with my gold and dark teal color scheme! Thank you for your generous talents!


      • You may use my photo certainly as long as it us not sold and attributes me (Jess Buttery Photography). I don’t charge if it’s a public function or not for profit, only advertisers, books and magazines. Please let me know how it turns out.


  6. Richard Baran said:

    Thank You,
    Where do you build your canoes?


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