Panoramic View of Downtown Bath, NY


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While walking downtown Bath, New York, I took little Pico out of the park square to see what the town itself looked like.  At this corner I could take photographs down both streets in Bath in the Fingerlakes and also see the nice sunny sky.  This High Dynamic Range photo was stitched together from several images in Lightroom just for fun.  I love the tree lined streets of this classic little town from the early 1790’s in Steuben county. It was named after the English town of Bath.

F/9, 1/320 sec, ISO 100, 17 mm Lens

And here is my companion and friend for the summer, Pico the wonderdog.  She went everywhere with us including on lake boat cruises and to the summits of three mountains.  She belongs to my daughter Jen and I was privileged to get to be with Pico for the summer months.

Good girl Pico.


Entrance to the Bath Farmer’s Market


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In downtown Bath, New York in the Fingerlakes region of Upstate NY, they have a wonderful central park or square. There is a large iron gate at the entrance to the park and it has signs, banners, lights and a classic clock.  A lovely central small town square with all the classic features. There was a nice Craft Fair and Farmers Market going on this morning and other days they have concerts and music on the square. I really liked the fountains, United States Flags, and flowers. I had to stand in the middle of the road and traffic to get this photo.

ISO 400, F/16, 1/500 sec, 17 mm Lens

Central Park Square in Downtown Bath, NY


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Just outside of the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Bath, NY in the Fingerlakes is the central garden square.  This is an area where they have public gatherings, concerts and craft festivals.  It is large with many of the public buildings, churches and downtown shopping area on the edges.  There is a large Gazebo and paver stone covered pathways throughout.  The First Presbyterian Church can be seen on the far right and on the left is a craft festival with all kinds of food vendors.

F/9, ISO 100, 1/160 sec, 32 mm Lens

Courthouse Downtown Bath, NY


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Outside of the First Presbyterian Church downtown in Bath, NY in the Fingerlakes there is a large public park or square.  Surrounding this is the town, churches and the Courthouse. This classically designed courthouse building was active and people were coming in and out with daily business.

F/9, ISO 100, 1/320 sec, 25 mm Lens

Tiffany Metal Relief with Glass


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At the First Presbyterian Church in Bath N.Y. in the Fingerlakes we are looking mire closely at the Sanctuary that was designed and made by the Tiffany Glass Company in the late 1800’s.  There were many large shiny metal relief panels that look carved or hammered. They were beautiful with their glass embellishments that looked like jewels.

Tiffany Windows at the Bath First Presbyterian Church


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At the First Presbyterian Church in Bath, New York in the Fingerlakes, the Tiffany Glass Company redesigned the entire sanctuary and all the windows.  This is one of the windows above the sanctuary. Around the glass was metal foil embellished relief areas.  

Even the main windows of the church were made by the Tiffany Glass Company but were done in a sedate fashion.

Tiffany Lights at the First Presbyterian Church 


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Some of the most amazing features of the First Presbyterian Church in Bath N.Y. in the Fingerlakes, done by the Tiffany Glass Company, was the extraordinary lighting fixtures.  This huge acorn shaped light was over 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. The jewel like glass in the fixture is very beautiful. It is probably worth as much as the entire church now.

In the front entrance in the hallway of the church is another lighting fixture: 

This fixture has been loaned out to museum exhibits. It is amazing that the fixtures made in the late 1800’s are still intact and in use here. 

Tiffany Glass Company Sanctuary Background


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Another part of the extensive Tiffany Glass Company renovations to the sanctuary in the First Presbyterian Church in Bath, New York are shown here:

ISO 2000, F/5.6, 1/90 sec, 40 mm Lens

Between each arch and set of columns in the back of the sanctuary were what appeared to be similar mosaics to the blonde mahogany alter.  On closer inspection they were canvas and painted on possibly in an effort to spare costs at the time?  They are lovely and appear to have lasted as long as the other parts of the artistry. They have been restored and finally lit so they could be seen better.

Details of the Tiffany Alter and Sanctuary


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We are touring the First Presbyterian Church in Bath, New York as all the windows, sanctuary, alter and many light fixtures were made and designed by the Tiffany Glass Company. The Tiffany artisans made the Blond Mahogany alter with its intricate and deep carvings and inlaid mosaic glass into the wood.

ISO 2000, F/4.5, 1/45 sec, 24 mm Lens

Closeup view of the end carving:

Intricate inlaid mosaic closeup:

The center podium of the alter looked even better close up:

ISO 2000, F/4.5, 1/45 sec, 40 mm Lens

Review: overview of the entire alter with sanctuary behind:

Front Alter and Tiffany Sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church 


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We have gone inside the First Presbyterian Church in Bath, N.Y. in the Fingerlakes and are viewing the front alter and Tiffany Sanctuary.  You can see how the arches in the Sanctuary mimic the arches on the stone entrance to the church. The wood railing and alter by Tiffany is made of Blonde Mahogany wood. The carvings on it are deep and beautiful and it is heavily inlaid with mosaic glass. 

Another comparison view of the front outside of the church: