I have been taking photographs both regular and bracketed for HDR for about 2-3 years. I am currently a Canonite using a Canon EOS 40D camera and Canon Lenses.  I have nothing against other brands and the Nikon and its lenses look like a great alternative.   Besides photography, I love hiking, camping and canoeing. I make wooden canoes both of the stripper type and the steambent wood ribs and canvas covered type. I also make wooden snowshoes and Adirondack Pack baskets. I have collected antique woodworking tools for over 30 years mostly for using and possibly because they are so beautiful.

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for visiting Onelifethislife. I am glad you could stop by! I look forward viewing your blog as well.



  2. I am totally impressed with your photographs…ALL of them! Each is a masterpiece and you have shown off our community beautifully.


  3. Great.I like your pictures, they are so colorful, but wondering sometimes how they look before they become HDR 🙂


    • On several earlier posts I included the Pre-HDR shot next to the HDR for comparison. They were entitled “Why HDR”. I find regular photographs I take appear washed out and don’t closely resemble the scene as I saw it originally. I think I see things differently with higher contrast and saturation as the HDRs seem more true to life. Everyone sees differently and that is OK with me. I usually take 6 bracketed shots at different exposures so I retain all the originals to play with and compare. I find it interesting how some people find HDR a total turn off and one of my long time friends say that the HDR tone mapped images make them jittery and jumpy. LOL. I don’t mind as we all like different things.


  4. I have to say that I really struggle to appreciate HDR images, although having said that I’ve used it on the odd occasion to ‘bring it in’ so to speak. Nonetheless, I look forward to watching your work pop up in my ‘Reader’.


    • I think its great that everyone sees the world differently and different people like different things. HDR is not suitable to all images and I especially like them for high contrast situations, reflections and some landscapes. They are good for very low light where you don’t wish to or can’t use a flash. I like the fact that I still have the bracketed exposure plain individual images and can use them instead or in combination. Thanks for your comment.


  5. clementinegoesusa said:

    Beautiful blog, glad I found it!


  6. really nice HDRs…looiking forward to see some more 🙂 greetings from Berlin


  7. Was wondering if you ever get around the North Tonanwanda area?


  8. Do you have a Facebook page or Instagram account we can follow?


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