Horizontal Light Wall at the Welcome Center


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At the Welcome Center building at the Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Darwin Martin House there was an amazing divider wall.  This metallic and clear panel plexiglass wall had varying colored lights behind it and it literally glowed. The metal horizontal lines mimics the entire theme of the Darwin Martin house which is Horizontal lines. You will see the many horizontal themes if we ever get to the actual house.

Modern Architecture at the Darwin Martin House.


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At the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, N.Y. I was still captivated by the welcome center there. It had a soaring metal roof and all glass walls that reflected the surroundings, including the Martin House.  Inside were hundreds of historical photos from the blueprints to construction images.  They had a nice slideshow to introduce you to both Darwin Martin and to Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Welcome Center at the Darwin Martin House, Buffalo


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Here we are in Buffalo, NY about to tour the famous Frank Lloyd Wright House called the Darwin Martin residence.  Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) designed the house and campus for the wealthy Buffalo businessman Darwin Martin in 1903-1905.  It is now a National Historic Landmark.  The design is from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie House period and is thought to be one of his finest.

You are greeted by a Welcome Center building on the complex which is a modern glass design that is the reverse of anything on the Frank Lloyd Wright house next to it.  One of the themes in the Darwin Martin house is Wisteria and here they have craftily draped the flowering plant on the horizontally lined wall nearby.


Folk Art Carved Eagle at the Memorial Art Gallery


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I like to carve and do woodworking and here at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY they have a room of Fold Art and American.  This is a large carved eagle painted silver made in the early 1800’s in America.  Notice he is attacking or defending himself against a snake.

ISO 2000, F/9.5, 1/30 sec, 47 mm Lens

Another view of our beautiful friend:

ISO 2000, F/8, 1/45 sec, 67 mm Lens

Modern Art at the Memorial Art Gallery


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Here at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, MY they also have a lot of modern art. This is an all glass piece in red and black by a Native Alaskan artist with typical folk figures on the piece.

Beautiful Greek Vase at the Memorial Art Gallery


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Here at the Memorial Art Gallery in downtown Rochester, NY they even had ancient art from Greece.  Greek vases are some of my favorite art forms and this one is very beautiful.  It has two nice handles and a thick rim and the wonderful pink and black color.  These were earthenware that is glazed or unglazed nonvitreous pottery that was fired below the threshold of 1200 degrees C. which was considered low heat.

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/15 sec, 32 mm Lens

Religious Carvings at the Memorial Art Gallery


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At the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY there were many religious painting, sculptures and carvings.  Here was a very ornate and intricately carved panel made out of white marble depicting a very complex scene including Christ on the Cross, Angels and many other characters.

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/45 sec, 50 mm Lens

In this intricately carved wood I could not believe the detail in the beard, face or crown:

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/30 sec. 47 mm Lens

Monet at the Memorial Art Gallery


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In the Second Floor Classics room at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY they had many famous artist’s works from all over the world including Claude Monet.  Claude Monet was a French Impressionist artist that lived from 1840-1926.  He studied the different light effects on smoke, fog and smoke on structures.  Here he is over in London, England painting the Waterloo Bridge in about 1903. Here in this view, he studied the foggy and obscured bridge in different light.  He made many many different views of this at different times of day and different levels of fog.

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/60 sec, 80 mm Lens

For more information see the link: Claude Monet

Fruit at the Memorial Art Gallery


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Here at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY there is all kinds of classical and modern art.  I took a lot of photos of classically painted fruit and I present a few of them here with some closeups:

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/45 sec, 92 mm Lens

ISO 1250, F/4, 1/45 sec, 105 mm Lens

Asian Horse and Rider Sculpture at the Memorial Art Gallery


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As you leave the last room upstairs in the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY you see the Asian Art Room as I call it.  Here was an ancient Terra Cotta horse and rider.  I have found no information as to date and where it was made yet, but I love the shape of the horse with its high raised neck and running or jumping posture.

ISO 2500, F/8, 1/20 sec, 28 mm Lens