Beautiful Downtown Brockport in Autumn


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We are continuing our early morning walk downtown Brockport, New York.  There is very little traffic this early and the Liftbridge crossing the Erie Canal behind us is quiet.  Most of the stores are not open except the little coffee shops with sidewalk tables and chairs. The Honey Locust trees are turning yellow and dropping their yellow leaves making a nice gold walkway and street.

Another view with two bikers going by:


Walking Downtown Brockport, New York in the Fall


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Let us walk downtown Brockport, New York a little just as it is turning to Fall here.  I love this season the best as the Honey Locust trees downtown on Main Street, just up from the Erie Canal Bridge are losing their tiny pedal like leaves.  First the trees turn from green to a lovely gold yellow and then drop their leaves in a carpet of gold on the sidewalks and streets. We will walk around in the early morning just after sunrise and see some views:

ISO 100, F/9, 1/100 sec, 24 mm Lens

Niagara Falls Power Plant


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Looking down the Niagara River South of Lewiston and North of Niagara Falls, New York, you can see the vast Hydroelectric plant off of the Niagara River.  This plant dumps clean water back into the Niagara River after winding up the electric generating turbines in the plant from water tapped off of the river upriver. There is a large and long dug canal that goes from upriver to the back side of this plant.  The left side of the bank here is Canada and they also have an hydroelectric plant around the bend.  The American side plant has free tours and a museum and movies so it is well worth the stop to see it.

F/11, ISO 400, 1/350 sec, 45 mm Lens

Boats on the Niagara River


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While walking along the Niagara River in Lewiston, New York that goes between Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario, there were many boats that went speeding by.  Most of these were specialized jet boats that were taking groups of passengers up the river.  They easily fought the tremendous currents and swirling water of the river and headed up right into the “Devils Whirlpool“.   These boats brought groups of tourists up the river doing circles and spins and probably getting everyone soaked in all the fun.  I would hate to try to paddle a kayak or canoe across this area, or swim.

Click on the images to see a larger version please:

F/11, ISO 400, 1/750 sec, 105 mm Lens

There was even a nice Coastgaurd boat patroling and protecting the waters of the Niagara River.

Panorama of Niagara River


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Near Lewiston, New York, the Niagara River comes off of Niagara Falls to Lake Ontario. It is a wide and very fast river that looks dangerous to swim and boat on to me.  There were huge currents and swirls even miles down from Niagara Falls. This image was stitched together from three photographs. Note how the shoreline is muddy and the water out in the middle is blue-green.  The green forests across the river is Canada.

F/11, 1/350 sec, ISO 400, 24 mm Lens

Cute Shop in Downtown Lewiston, NY


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While going downtown historic Lewiston, New York looking for a nice coffee and pastry shop, I ran across this nice building and shop.  I loved the brick with the ivy running up the side and the ornate iron work around the door. Classic looking in all ways.

ISO 200, F/7.1, 1/40 sec, 70 mm Lens

Northfield Park at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Ohio


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At the Hard Rock Rocksino in Ohio, they had a large casino, but they also had a large horse racing track. This was called “Northfield Park” and as you entered you could see out to the huge grandstands and the oval track outside. There were horses racing and exercising around the track.   You could gamble here if you desired.

Hard Rock Rocksino Overview


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Here is a farther away look at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Ohio this summer. It was too bad it was not Novemeber yet as it would be fun to see Olivia Newton John in concert, but it would be way too cold for me in November.

Hard Rock Rocksino, Ohio


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Traveling recently in Ohio, we stopped by the Hard Rock Rocksino (combo Hard Rock Cafe and Casino).  What a huge and spectacular place. We do not gamble at all, but it was fun walking around the glitzy casino and checking out the restaurants, memorabilia and decor.   Outside, they had this giant neon guitar and sign.

Russian Motorcycle Downtown Bath, NY


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ISO 400, F/11, 1/250 sec, 21 mm Lens

Here in downtown Bath, New York in the Fingerlakes off of the central park area was this motorcycle parked.  It said URAL which I had never heard of but is from Russia and with its famous sidecar it looked pretty good, even if it did have a ticket on it. It had the famous 2 Wheel Drive with both rear wheels being powered.  For more see the link: