Up Palm Tree in the McGough Nature Park


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This is our last photo of the McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida for now. I highly recommend you visit it and bring binoculars and the children. On weekends they take some of the birds out for closer observation.  This is a view up one of the beautiful Palm Trees there in the park.  There were many varied environments in this park from Cypress and water, Saw Palmettos and Pines, Palm tree scrub, Live oaks to Mangrove swamps out near the Intercoastal waterway with its salt water.

ISO 500, F/9.5, 1/250 sec, 24 mm Lens

Turtle Swarm and Sun at the McGough Nature Park


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After walking around the Turtle Pond with its lovely Cypress Trees at the McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida we see the turtles that were not visible on the way in have now come out in great numbers as the sun has appeared.  They seem to like the platform provided for them to sun themselves safely in the middle of the pond.

ISO 500, F/9.5, 1/250 sec, 35 mm Lens

Here is a closeup of our turtle friends:


How Many Turtles at the McGough Nature Park?


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This is a view of a sitting area near the Turtle Pond at the McGough Nature Park (he Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida.  As we leave the Nature Center, this area beckons you to sit, rest and watch the turtles sun themselves or feed. In the Nature Center they sell small bags of proper turtle food for the children (and adults) to feed the turtles. If fed, they swarm and seem to love it.

ISO 200, F/7.1, 1/60 sec, 24 mm Lens

Red Shouldered Hawk at the McGough Nature Center


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While back from the trail walking at McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida we have to stop by the Nature Center building there.  They are exercising some of the Raptor birds there by taking them out and flying them and feeding them their natural food.  Most are being taken care of after being found injured and are being rehabilitated where possible.  Here is a Red Shouldered Hawk sitting on a person’s hand protected by a thick leather glove.

ISO 500, F/4.5. 1/180 sec, 105 mm Lens

For more information see: Red Shouldered Hawk

Hawks and Raptors at the Nature Center


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After walking back to the Nature Center at the McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida we find they have come out with many of the Raptors.  They have large enclosures for them as most are injured and recovering.  The birds come out for flying, exercise and feeding.  This one is an American Kestrel, one of the smallest falcons in North America.  It is one of the most colorful of the raptors.

For more information on this bird see: American Kestrel

ISO 1600, F/4, 1/45 sec, 105 mm Lens

Osprey in a Dead Tree at the McGough Nature Park


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Walking further back along the trail from the Boardwalk at The McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida we come across another dead tree and this one has an Osprey up in it.  They often like tall perches near water where they can see down and be near their prey, fish.

ISO 500, F/13, 1/1000 sec, 67 mm Lens

Too far away? Here he or she is closer:

Lonely Dead Tree at The McGough Nature Park


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On the walk back from the Boardwalk at the McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park) in Largo, Florida there was this beautiful and very long dead tree.  I am glad they did not take it down as it attracted all kinds of nice woodpeckers and even a raptor.  The Saw Palmettos guard the base of the tree.

ISO 500, F/13, 1/350 sec, 35 mm Lens

Boardwalk to the Intercoastal Waterway


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When you walk far enough out on the long nice elevated boardwalk at the McGough Nature Park (The Narrows Park), in Largo, Florida you come to a branch that takes you to the Intercoastal Waterway.  This section goes out right over the Mangrove Trees and over the water where you can see water birds feeding down below and beach houses on the other side.  It is yet another change from the Saw Palmetto flat lands and different forests you have gone through on the trail. This is a view down the higher elevated boardwalk and people were already out there enjoying the sun.

ISO 500, F/8, 1/350 sec, 75 mm Lens

Down the boardwalk you can see a “wavy” portion of the handrails and this is a closeup that is much exaggerated due to the lens.  I liked the shadow.

Spanish Moss on the Boardwalk


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We are on the Boardwalk section of the trail at the McGough Nature Park, (The Narrows Park), in Largo, Florida.  Here the elevated boardwalk is over the marshy salt water infused land near the Intercoastal waterway. There are a few Live Oak trees along the trail left before they turn to Mangroves nearer the water. This Oak tree has lots of spooky Spanish Moss draped over it just waiting to touch you as you walk by.

ISO 100, F/9, 1/160 sec, 24 mm Lens

McGough Nature Park Trail Turns into a Boardwalk!


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As we continue our walk on the trails and pathways of McGough Nature Park (soon to be The Narrows Nature Park) in Largo, Florida, the scenery yet again dramatically changes.  We had come through a Cypress Tree and water area into a Saw Palmetto and Pine tree flat then into a Palm tree and oak forest.  Now we are entering a quickly changing zone that is so wet, they added a great and elevated Boardwalk.  Below is wetlands that have saltwater from the intercoastal waterway and Mangrove trees mixed with Palm trees on the edge and even Live Oaks with spooky Spanish Moss.  This is just the beginning of the long Boardwalk:

ISO 500, F/11, 1/250 sec, 35 mm Lens

Here is a view a little further along the boardwalk:

ISO 500, F/13, 1/350 sec, 24 mm Lens