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After a short tour of Niagara Falls, we drove North along the Niagara River and stopped into the “Power Vista” or Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant.  It is free to go in and see and free to park even.  There are vista views of the Niagara River and there are free tours and movies inside several floors.  They don’t take you down to see the running Power Turbines for safety sake, but there are wonderful interactive displays for adults and kids on electricity and how it works and is generated.

Water is diverted off of the Niagara River above or before Niagara Falls and brought down to the plant in giant underground tubes to a basin where they let in into the turbines to generate electricity.  The water is returned unharmed to the Niagara River and flows out to Lake Ontario.

This is the marble wall as you enter with all the gold metal letters describing the project:

ISO 200, F/7.1, 1/15 sec, 45 mm Lens

ISO 200, F/7.1, 1/15 sec, 45 mm Lens